Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Will Silicon Valley Get An Exemption?

8/28/18 CBS News:
California's assembly has voted to move the state's electricity completely off fossil fuels.
The state assembly on Tuesday passed S.B. 100, a proposal to transition California to 100 percent emissions-free electricity sources by 2045. Amid heavy lobbying from environmentalists and other groups, the bill passed, 43 to 32.
Unless they reverse their longstanding antinuclear position, I do not see how.  I suppose a few tens of billions of dollars in solar panels and massive batteries for night might do the job.  Californians (at least some) are rich.


  1. Silicon Valley long ago started moving their big server farms to places where electricity was cheap, and less air conditioning was needed.

    Apple is building a big farm in Mesa, AZ, where air conditioning is expensive, but electricity is less expensive than CA. Being Silicon Valley lefties, they built a huge solar farm that can supply the total amount of power that the farm uses - or so they say. Of course, when the sun isn't shining, that farm will be getting its power from coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear and a bit of hydro.