Friday, August 17, 2018

We May Be Reaching a Tipping Point

You probably know the Manafort jurors asked the judge for clarification of "beyond a reasonable doubt."  Now the lamestream media are asking the judge to give them the names and addresses of the jurors.  Antifa on your doorstep?  This is such an obvious attempt to intimidate the jury.  We may be reaching the point of doxxing the lamestream media reporters to get the message across.


  1. It's going to take more than just doxxing the reporters and media figures. They're going to have to suffer the same repercussions that their doxxing victims suffer, and that's not too likely, unless the oh-so-civilized "Right" starts taking up the tactics and tools of the left.

    Which is why the "Left" is going to keep winning, until they create an existential crisis for those of the "Right", and then the whole thing is going to blow up in all our faces...

  2. Asking for jurors personal information? I'm not sure that's even legal (i've only served jury duty twice, and it was never covered during our briefings), but it's certainly irresponsible.