Monday, August 20, 2018

Nail Studded Club? Is This From Some Horror Film?

09/17/1921: Will Munroe, his wife and 18 year old daughter were murdered with a nail studded club, and the youngest daughter “probably fatally injured.”  News accounts suggested “insanity, or a mind nerved to the act by drugs or drink.”
Category: family
Suicide: no
Cause: unknown
Weapon: nail studded club[1]

[1] “Hold Munroe Suspect,” South Bend [Ind.] News-Times, Sep. 22, 1921, 1; “Neighbor Questioned on Dowagiac Murders,” Bemidhi [Minn.] Daily Pioneer, Sep. 22, 1921, 1..

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  1. What else are you going to do with that old baseball bat?

    Besides, they're all still effective. Mace. Maul. Morning Star. Hell you can buy battle axes, and war hammers online. Spears and Glaives and other pole arms too.

    And the Atlatl if you want to project primitive power at a distance.