Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Any Questions Why These Crimes Happened?

8/27/18 KTVB:
BOISE -- Two people are in custody after investigators linked them to a home invasion robbery and a series of car burglaries Sunday night.
Terry Plew, 28, and a 17-year-old boy are now facing charges in connection to the crime spree.
According to Boise Police, officers were called out to a business near Franklin and Curtis roads at 11:20 p.m. for a report of an injured man.
When they arrived, the victim told police he had been attacked and knocked unconscious during a break-in at his home in the 5500 block of Franklin Road.
The man said he answered a knock on his door to find two men standing on his doorstep. The pair asked for someone who was not at that address, then hit the victim in the face with a large piece of wood or other blunt object, the resident said.
The blow knocked him out, the victim said, and he awoke to find the burglars rummaging through the house. The victim was able to run away down the street and call 911, he said....
As officers were investigating the home invasion, they received another call about suspicious people possibly breaking into cars about a mile away near Alpine and Latah streets.
Police responded and found the car burglary suspects - later identified as Plew and the teenage boy - who matched the description of the pair involved in the home invasion. Investigators determined that Plew is an acquaintance of one of the victim's friends.Officers found some of the property stolen during the home robbery in the suspects' possession, as well as several items taken from three unlocked cars nearby.
Plew also was in possession of drug paraphernalia, and was wanted on warrants for burglary and grand theft charges, police say. Both suspects were arrested at the scene.
It is an article of faith for some that drug abuse has no destructive side effects except because it is illegal.  But addicts are also weak on inhibitions when high, and do stupid things to those who stand between them and their drugs.


  1. That's a straw man argument. No one argues drugs have no negative impacts on society. We do know that interdiction doesn't work. Making drugs illegal does not stop the negative effects of drug usage. We also know that because drugs are illegal, criminals distribute drugs ... which by definition increases crime.

    The question is whether the negative impact of drugs on society is greater if drugs are legal or illegal.

  2. Actually, I have had libertarians make EXACTLY that argument, that drug abuse has no negative social consequences. I agree that interdiction causes lots of problems as well. Making drugs illegal discourages at least some people from risking arrest. The increased price caused by interdiction creates additional problems, without question.