Thursday, August 16, 2018

How Do You Show Support for Common Sense Gun Control?

Misplace your government-issued high capacity 9mm.  8/14/18 Fort Worth Star-Telegram:
A gun lent to Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lupe Valdez when she was Dallas County sheriff has been reported missing and authorities are trying to determine how it disappeared.

Valdez was issued a Beretta 9mm pistol on Oct. 3, 2011, as a loaner from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department Range masters gun range inventory to carry as her on-duty weapon, according to a police report obtained by the Star-Telegram from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.
Valdez was lent the firearm after her personal gun, which happened to the same model gun as the loaner, “sustained a malfunction,” the police report stated.
The report filed on July 13 stated that when she resigned from the sheriff’s department on Dec. 31, it was discovered that the Berretta had not been returned to the gun range.
And here is candidate Valdez beating the drum for gun control:
There are many things we can do right now to try to keep our kids and community safer. We need to push for universal background checks, and we must also close loopholes, like the boyfriend loophole, to make sure domestic abusers and others who should not have a weapon don’t gain access. Also at the state level, I would push to make it a state offense to lie on a background check and ensure our law enforcement have case tracking databases.
It’s time for the adults to step up and act to do more to prevent gun violence. 
How about the adults acting like responsible adults?

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