Wednesday, August 29, 2018

"Get Woke, Go Broke" A Instapundit Says

8/29/18 Wall Street Journal:
Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. DKS -3.08% said weaker sales of Under Armour Inc. apparel and a decision to pull back from the hunting business dragged on the retailer’s latest quarterly results.
You may recall they not only stopped selling modern sporting rifles, but destroyed existing inventory.

Amazing how willing corporate SJWs are to destroy their own companies.


  1. But the executive can brag to his friends that he was doing this in the name of "social justice" or whatever. So he wins.

    That company appeared on my "never shop there" list as soon as they pulled that stupid move. REI also was added to the list for refusing to do business with outdoors companies that also sell stuff in the gun industry - they can take my REI co-op card and put it... welll...

  2. I feel the same as Stormchaser. Dick's on Eagle Road is less than 2 miles away, but I instead drive farther to Big 5. Will never buy from Dick's again.

  3. I am also now boycotting REI and have been a member since 1986 (membership is a one-time lifetime thing).

  4. The local Dick's has gone out of business.