Thursday, August 23, 2018

Why California Needs Expulsion From the U.S. about how San Francisco is paying $71K per year for employees to work poop patrol on the streets rather than put up Porta-Potties or worst of all, punish people for public defecation.  While the salary is$71K, with benefits, it costs $186K a year.  Why so expensive?  I believe it is because S.F. covers sex reassignment under their health insurance.  Do you have any idea what this costs?  It makes all other health care procedures look cheap.

Pretty clear the people of San Francisco like this... I will skip the obvious word, but the comments over at ZeroHedge are a riot, with only one earnest progressive blaming capitalism.

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  1. The interesting thing in this article is that the benefits package is more than 100% greater than the base pay.

    No wonder California is so dysfunctional