Friday, August 17, 2018

News Stories That Make You Wonder Whose Side The Criminal Justice System is On

8/15/18 NBC News reports that the compound where child abuse and murder were performed along with training children to do school mass murders by a jihadi has been demolished by the police.  Doing so after a trial might make sense; but before trial?  What if the defense claims the compound contained exculpatory evidence?  This almost looks like an attempt to prevent a successful prosecution.  Whose side are the local police on?  And 8/14/18 NBC News:
Four of the five suspects are expected to be released with GPS monitoring today -- a turn of events in a case that has focused on allegations of starving children being taught to carry out school shootings.


  1. It's not the locals that are the problem here. The Feds are mucking about here, big time. They had one of the adults released directly to them and then they destroyed a bunch of evidence at the compound.

  2. Was it destroyed to hide evidence or possibly find more? The remains of the boy, who's disappearance prompted the investigation, were found buried at the site after the initial investigation.