Thursday, August 30, 2018

Mental Illness Does Not Require a Gun to be Tragic

8/29/18 Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
When 32-year-old Timothy Hernandez's parents arrived at their Mount Vernon home after church Sunday afternoon, they found his girlfriend on the ground, with her head removed from her body and placed on the back of her torso, according to Mount Vernon police reports.
Hernandez is now charged with first-degree murder in Skagit County Superior Court, accused of plotting his 27-year-old girlfriend's death that morning. He would later tell police that he "had spoken with God," who told him to "strike down" his girlfriend. Their 3-year-old daughter also told investigators she 
witnessed the slaying....
Hernandez then took their daughter to the mall. He contended that he was "not crazy" and claimed that "a crazy person would not tell the truth."
Actually, crazy people tell the truth because they have no awareness that what they did was wrong.

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