Monday, August 20, 2018

Video Quality

Both my tiny little Canon PowerShot and new Pentax record HD video.  Trying to decide which does a better job.  The Pentax.  The video focused a bit close.
The Canon seems to focus better, perhaps because it a far larger file.  Perhaps I am not shooting in HD on the Pentax:

Actually, the Canon is 1280 x 720 and looks a lot better.  The Pentax is 1920x1080.  Still don't see why the Canon looks better and has a much larger file (3x more time).  The Canon is 25 fps; the Pentax is 29 fps.


  1. The first clip is too short to tell much, but nothing looks "in focus" to me. It's all fuzzy, like the camera hasn't fully locked in its focus.

    The second clip is much sharper, but when you zoomed out it too seemed lacking in definition.

    Frankly, I'm surprised that both clips were from cameras; a friend sent me videos where he'd used his cellphone and they seemed much superior in image quality. His is only a modestly priced cellphone too (around $200 IIRC.)

  2. Focus on the Pentax seems to lock when you press start and does not much change. Maybe something still to learn.