Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Talk About Opportunism

This AP story about Omarosa Manigault Newman reports:
In the book, Manigault Newman suggests she joined Trump’s campaign — despite the misgivings she said she had about her longtime friend and mentor — after an arrangement to join Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign fell through and left her feeling spurned.
She writes that Trump and his campaign were “eager for my help” and she wanted to experience working on a campaign at a “high level.” And, “since Trump had little chance of winning, it would be ‘no harm, no foul’ for me to have worked with the campaign for however long it lasted,” she wrote.
She preferred Clinton, but helped Trump get elected?  Wow.   She stood for nothing but her own advancement.  The overall story is about how black Americans don't respect her.  Even if you aren't black, her own statements make her hard to respect.

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