Saturday, August 18, 2018

Judge Ellis Recognized the Risks

8/17/18 Politico:
Paul Manafort's trial will stretch into a fourth week, as jurors headed home Friday without reaching a verdict for the second straight day and the judge overseeing the case alluded to "threats" the jury may be receiving.
“I had no idea this case would incite this emotion,” U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III said in an open court hearing, responding to a motion from seven news organizations, including POLITICO, seeking access to sealed materials related to the trial that would have publicly identified the jurors.

Ellis denied the motion, telling the courtroom that jurors were "scared” and “afraid.” As a result, Ellis said, he didn’t “feel right” releasing the names of the 12-person jury.
Incite this emotion?  The Swamp will do whatever it can to engage in coup d'etat. 

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  1. Their motto is "By any means necessary."

    Woe unto those who do not take them at their word. Communists (by any other name) have a trademark: they eventually always tell you their intentions.

    Conservatives have a trademark: Perpetuating denial by thinking "oh, they would never do THAT..."

    It is foreboding when a career member of the political industry sees it: