Saturday, April 28, 2018

Wilson-Rogers 8 Round Magazines (87D)

They will not go into a Colt Mark IV series 80 without pressing the magazine release.  Even then, they will not go far enough in to feed a round.  Is the Colt so far out of specs for 1911s?

No, they work fine.  I loaded the magazine with PMC Starfires, a JHP intended to compete with the Winchester Silvertips.  (You old folks will remember the screech the gun control groups made about it when it came out, causing them to pull it back and reissue under a new name.)  When I used FMJs, no problem.  Magazine just needed a harder kick to get past the magazine latch.  Real test will be shooting, of course.

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  1. That is very odd, Clayton. My Colt Series 80 loves Wilson 47D magazines. Mine was early '80's production. Sounds to me like a bad magazine catch.