Friday, April 20, 2018

TSA Precheck

FIRSt time in years my wife and I did not get TSA Precheck.  Apparently you need to verify the names on the tickets issued by your issuer matches what is on file at TSA.

It is much easier not to have to take off shoes, coat, open laptop case,  get fondled by (in this case, by a very nice young black TSA guy).

However, it appears that TSA Precheck has changed from a "We will decide rather mysteriously that you are not a terrorist and automatically assign you" to a paid program that you have to apply for with correct IDs.  They charge $85 for five years.  This is a bargain compared to the delay and extra steps for "Are you a terrrorist"? screening.  You can apply here.


  1. I am mildly chagrined that you still fly commercial and subject yourself to a system that is such a fundamental violation of civil rights.

    1. It provides zero security (The S? in TSA). It is only "Security theater".

    2. The Orwellian insistence that profiling shall not occur, as if there is nothing that could create an index of probability.
    All acts of Islamic murder in the past 40 years has been committed by Mohammedans. Telling the truth is now considered a revolutionary act, and shall not be permitted.

    3. Restricted freedom of travel for law-abiding citizens, full body searches without probable cause, reasonable suspicion or a warrant, and conducted by glorified mall cops.

    4. Using government assets to provide private security for commercial enterprises. Would we draft the local police department to be door-greeters at Walmart?

    5. The personal indignity to a law-abiding citizen, minding his own business. A LEO has zero right to detain your without some objective index of criminality; not so with the TSA Security Theater mall cops.

    I refuse to participate and subsidize such a system. If I need to fly that bad, I will charter my own flight.

  2. It's disgusting that we now have to pay our government not to perform Kabuki security theatre on us.

    In third world countries bribery is also done, but seldom advertised by the government. Do we pay the cartels for safe passage to Mexico nowadays too? At which government office do I apply- the Mexican, or the American, or both?

  3. BFR: I am not at the charter my own flights level of wealth.