Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tater is Again Misbehaving

I thought we had the urination issue solved.  Apparently not.  Very frustrating.

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  1. Maybe your cat has a sensitive nose and hates going to the sandbox. We had a similar issue with our last cat. You may need 2 products:

    Dr Elsey's litter

    Basically, scoop as soon as you find out a "gift" in the box.

    Wash the litterbox every so often, use mild soap like dawn and sun dry if possible. No smalls of any kind including detergents, strong soaps, disinfectants, etc

    And then this:

    Nature's Miracle® Just for Cats Advanced Stain & Odor Remover - Sunny Lemon

    I am assuming the cat repeats the locations? Spray/pour the crap out of this
    Let it soak and follow the instructions.

    It will not be an instant success but a gradual one.

    I hope it works