Monday, April 9, 2018

Good News From CNN

CNN article points out that Gov.  Rick Scott's decision to run against Sen. Nelson (D-FL) is going to hurt the Democrats badly.   Scott is personally very wealthy and has a history of pouring millions into his campaigns,  so Democrats will need to spend tens of millions to help Nelson hold the seat,  reducing money available for other Senate races around the country. 

While the Republican Party is largely a disappointment, Scott is a Trump ally, and Democrats regaining control of either house would be a disaster.  Awesome!


  1. Is this awesome? More and more, gun control advocates who are actually successful in their pursuits have "R" before their name. Didn't Scott just sign Florida's new unconstitutional age discrimination law into effect?

    Anymore, when people ask me if I'd rather have a Democrat or Republican in office (or in control of the Congress) as relates to the Second Amendment, I just shrug my shoulders. Republicans aren't dependable in this respect. Many times I think I'd rather have Democrats, honestly, because at least then the pro-gun "base" pays close attention and mobilizes vigorously, as happened when Obama was in office. But when it's Republicans, many alleged pro-gun types just sit back quietly and let the incrementalism creep along.

  2. I'm as close to a single-issue voter on guns as anyone, but I'll excuse a lot in exchange for a vote against Schumer or Pelosi for majority leader.

  3. Keathwarlick has expressed my thoughts too.

    These days it's hard to tell the difference between the members of the Uniparty with a R before their names, from the members with a D. They both stand for themselves first, their donors/sponsors second, and adhering to the Constitution never seems to enter their minds!

    Worse yet, many of these supposed Republicans hate President Trump as much as the Democrats do, or even more. He makes them look like the hypocrites they are!

    I plan to support so-called Republicans only to support President Trump; it's very frustrating that some of these turncoats won't support either him or our country, once they're safely elected. A pox on all their houses!