Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Flying First

For the first time in my life,  I experienced an aborted takeoff.  Just as we were starting to get going,  the engines suddenly allowed,  the air brakes went on,  and we turned off the runway.   The pilot told us that the air conditioning indicator came on.   We then for back in line.

I do not believe we aborted for A/C.  In light of the recent accident,  I think he did not want to scare us.

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  1. Some years ago, leaving Bali on Qantas, I was rushed to the flight early (which I've never experienced before or since,) supposedly for an early departure. Once on board, I found the aircraft wasn't air-conditioned until takeoff; also, there was something wrong, so we all endured a half-hour of loud banging and clanging coming from underneath the airplane. All the stewardesses would say was that it was a "minor problem, nothing to worry about."

    Never did find out what the problem was, but between the heat, the humidity, and the worry about what was being done that we weren't allowed to know about, that half-hour seemed more like eternity! We did manage to takeoff finally, and landed in Perth Australia just fine. What a relief to takeoff and finally get some A/C!

    In my case I don't think it was the A/C being worked on, I suspect the landing gear, because smaller hammers would be used for working on the A/C!

    BTW Clayton, I was amused to find a marijuana ad on your site, right underneath this post that I'm replying to. Here's a screenshot: