Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Something to Think About

Both Texas and California became part of the United States because American-Mexicans (immigrants from America to Mexico) had divided loyalties and preferred being Americans.


  1. At least initially, there were a lot of Mexican-Mexicans who preferred to be Americans too. Unfortunately, a lot of the newcomer Americans alienated a lot of Mexicans. California was an ignored, backwater province of Mexico back then, which is why Americans could be so influential.

  2. In California they resented Mexico City dictating who would be the governor of the territory and then the secularization of church properties. This made the American policy of Freedom of religion very tempting to a Spanish people devoted to the catholic church. In Texas there were many attempts by Spanish troops to regain the territory from Mexico which only depleted the hispanic population. The Americans who had settled in Texas had land grants from the Spanish crown and thus were always concerned Mexico City wouldn't recognize them.

    Is this a question regarding the coming Mexican presidential election? We have so many Mexicans trying to register to vote here for that election they don't have enough resources. If the Leftist wins, we may have to be concerned he might try something unthinkable. Could he form a coalition with Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba to take back the South West.

  3. At the time of the Texas revolution, nearly, if not all, of the other Mexican provinces wanted to revolt against the central government as well. Texas was the only one to make it stick.