Thursday, April 26, 2018

Can We Get One More Quirky Idea into This Suit?

4/25/18 Charlotte Observer:
One of North Carolina's most notorious all-male prisons is the focus of a court fight over religious liberty led by a transgender witch.
Jennifer Ann Jasmaine says in her handwritten, federal lawsuit that Lanesboro Correctional Institution is blocking the practice of her spiritual beliefs, which happen to be rooted in witchcraft.
I'm waiting for the "I'm following the path of my Aztec ancestors.  Can I have an obsidian knife, a pyramid, and some POWs?"


  1. If you're of Scandinavian descent you might ask if you can sack Micklagard.

  2. Yes, I am of Norwegian descent (my daughter's DNA results say 7% Norwegian). My ancestors spread their genes in east Anglia. Hopefully with consent of the fair maidens in question.