Sunday, April 8, 2018

I Wish There Was Some Way to Get This Across to the Left

You really do not want a civil war,  which is what you are setting up with this insane effort to disarm flyover country.   We do not want one either,  of course.   Civil wars are incredibly costly in lives and money, and flyover country and our allies in the leftist states have far more guns,  and far more people who know how to use them effectively. How many of you have Green Beret home repair guys with underground bunkers filed with assault rifles?

The aftermath of this bloody disaster is likely a new Constitution more in line with the majority: no abortion rights, or at least more narrowly defined;  a much stronger guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms;  likely no guarantees of a right to transgender bathrooms; and very possibly no right to homosexual sex or marriage.   Not necessarily my preferences on all these items,  but very possible without the left running everything.

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  1. When ever I read a discussion about a second Civil War, I note that everyone is thinking the war will be internal only with no external forces. And yet name a Civil War that has been that way. Europe involved itself in our Civil War siding with the South in the hopes a divided America would be less troublesome. In the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s the Germans, Italians and Russians were involved. In the Post WW2 Greek Civil War the Soviets and the British were involved.

    I would expect that not only would Russia and China be involved on one side in a second American Civil War, but I would expect Mexico as well, to seize back the South-West. I would expect Canada to be dragged in to prevent a refugee crisis into Canada, and I would expect Cuba to make a move on Southern Florida. After that the big question would be which side NATO joins. In the long run its perfectly reasonable to assume 10% of the population who is totally communist to have enough foreign military support to overwhelm a majority of the population. Everything would center on which side the Armed forces stand with: the idea they can sit it out on a fence as some military types have stated is ridiculous.