Sunday, April 22, 2018

I Hate Flying

The more I do it, the more I hate it.  Perhaps flying had just become more unpleasant.  When I first started flying, there were no metal detectors.  If you were meeting someone who was arriving,  you could go all the way to the gate.   There were lockers you could store luggage in short term.  This started to change after the Alphabet Bomber series of terrorist attacks in Los Angeles,  then the hijackings to Cuba, usually by crazies who thought they were going to meet and kill Castro, but just ended up in Cuban prisons.

I remember a business trip in the early 1980s where the plane was 1/2 full,  and I was served a pretty decent dinner (not an overpriced snack box).  A friend flew to NYC in a 747 with 10 passengers.

And the seats in the Embraer puddle jumper were hard and unpleasant.  The MD80 Was more spacious but the seats were only slightly more comfortable.

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