Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Manifest Destiny on a Huge Scale

There is an American flag that I have seen where the 50 stars are replaced with a spiral galaxy: sort of Manifest Destiny for the Milky Way, not just the North American continent.   (Or in Eldridge Cleaver's patriotic post-Marxist vision, all of the Western Hemisphere.) I can't find it.  For the Manifest Destiny section of American history next semester, I think it would make a great gag.

Not the one that I had seen but it works.



    10 seconds of googling

  2. See if this works:

  3. Not the one I had seen but it works.

  4. I would love to see a futuristic space movie where the humans who land on the new planet and claim it for "life, individual liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" are photographed a la Neil Armstrong saluting that flag...

    The resulting head-exploding, spittle-flecking, and general horror-shrieking at the NYT and Wapo would be delightful.

  5. When we move the capital to Trantor...