Friday, April 27, 2018

More Proof Trump's Sabre-Rattling Threatens World Peace

NORTH and South Korea have agreed to the complete denuclearisation of the peninsula.
At their first summit in more than a decade, the two sides announced they would seek an agreement to establish "permanent" and "solid" peace on the peninsula.
The declaration included promises to pursue military arms reduction, cease "hostile acts," turn their fortified border into a "peace zone," and seek multilateral talks with other countries, such as the United States.
In his first ever press conference in front of the world's media Kim Jong-un said:“We are one nation we cannot be separated. We share the same blood.
"We are living with each other. We are brothers.”
The Koreas said they hope the parties will be able to declare an official end to the war by the end of this year.
Christiane Amanpour interviews South Korea's foreign minister who gives the evil warmonger credit for the breakthrough.

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