Sunday, April 22, 2018

Awesome Night

Spring seems to have arrived. Last night was clear and not too terribly cold.  I spent some time figuring out which direction for the power switch on the equatorial platform was on.  Eventually, I figured it out by  measuring voltage across the motor contacts.

Once out and aligned with the phosphorescent line pointing true north,  it was taking almost perfectly.  I still need to improve pointing by aligning the edge of the wheeled platform to the line. Also there is a vernier speed adjustment rheostat that I have stupidly moved.   Still, it was tracking.  The Moon was so wonderfully sharp; I have never seen even professional astrophotos that were sharper or more pleasing.   Venus was low in the west and gibbous phase is hardly ever awesome.   Look forward to seeing some more Moon pictures Anna maybe some deep sky objects soon!

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