Thursday, March 23, 2017

Teaching Pigs Not to Steal Cars

I was standing in the checkout line and there was food product that promised "Pork Raised Responsibly".  Still imagining the pork raised by hippies.

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  1. The last few months I've been involved in the effort to save the historic Jeker Ranch, at the junction of Hwy 55 and Dry Creek Road, from development into a mega-neighborhood called Dry Creek Ranch. Many of those speaking out against the project are local farmers, who mourn the loss of the valley's 66 inches of rich topsoil and fear the depletion of the aquifer on which their livelihoods depend. I am surprised by how many of those farmers, if spotted on the streets of Boise, would be taken as hippies; but they're as knowledgeable as anyone about soil chemistry, pest prevention, the economics of farming, etc. And maybe I'm getting old, but they all look incredibly young, like in their 20s. It's been an interesting experience for me.