Sunday, March 26, 2017

Check Your Cisgender Privilege

From the University of Oregon's List of Cisgender (you have male genitals and think you are a man, or vice versa for women) Privileges:
  1. I am a size and shape for which clothes I feel comfortable wearing are commonly made.
When I was younger, I would go into Sears to shop for clothes.  I was not by any means thin.  I would even say I was close to obese.  And there were no dress shirts that fit me.  They were designed for men with gross beer bellies.  Eventually they started carrying shirts that had some relationship to a reasonably healthy man with some label thjat claimed that they were a more "European" fit.  This was nonsense, but they fit me.  I guess 18-20 I was lacking cisgender privilege.

Are there any Oregonians even slightly concerned at how their tax dollars are being spent?

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