Thursday, March 23, 2017

Letter to Rep. Labrador (R-ID)

From what I can find out about the Obamacare revision bill, the GOP establishment is trying to revise Obamacare so that it changes very little.  Repeal it in full if Congress can't do any better.  I see also that there are no changes concerning interstate health insurance competition, which Idaho especially needs. Please vote against this pretend Obamacare "repeal."


  1. Last I heard Labrador is still opposing this. Simpson is the one we need to worry about.

    Seems like the GOP (especially the GOPe) is really screwing up big time in the haste to get something done no matter what mentality. Really sucks that this going down in flames does give the Dems and Trump haters a victory--at least for now.

    Even worse is that voting yes or no on this could helps Dems either way in the end. Boy this whole thing sucks big time!

    I had to drop my health insurance a few years ago as the premium and deductible spikes were too much for me (and I'm someone who hasn't been to a doctor since 2008 so I wasn't costing the insurance anything). Hate the 1/3 penalty in this bill.

    Maybe letting the thing collapse is the best way to go and then we can start over. If only that can happen before the next big election!