Wednesday, March 29, 2017

North Korea

I get a bit of survivalist email focused on EMP and nuclear war, which I generally ignore because it seems unlikely.  So imagine my surprise to read this 3/29/17 The Hill article by R. James Woolsey and a lesser known public official asserting that North Korea probably has the capability to deliver fission and possibly fusion bombs on the U.S.--perhaps even a crippling EMP attack from their two satellites.  I keep hoping that the Air Force's robotic space plane  has satellite killer capacity.

This isn't just paranoia promoted by our military-industrial complex.  Japan is doing mass evacuation drills in preparation for North Korean attack,  Japan is discussing revising their Constitution to allow a pre-emptive strike.


  1. From what I hear, the most likely way for them to successfully attack the US would be to set up hidden missile systems on board container ships that would launch from off the east, west, and Gulf coasts simultaneously. Airbusts with EMP's would do the job. North America would die. I suspect that a great deal of the rest of the world would perish with us, as a result of secondary nuke attacks by all the players.

  2. Just setting off bombs from ships approaching our harbors would be devastating enough. Yes, there would be effective nuclear disarmament afterwards because so much of the world's bombs would get used.