Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I guess that we are headed to Fairbanks for Northern Lights at end of April!  Today is our 37th anniversary so a great gift.  Have any of you used Airbnb as an alternative to traditional lodging?  What was your experience?  Some of the choices are $20-$30 a night cheaper, with a kitchenette, allowing us to spend another night or two to improve our odds.


  1. Had a great experience with them in Portland, OR. Read reviews and talk with the hosts.
    I much prefer it to conventional lodging. as always ymmv.

  2. I have used AirBnb maybe four times in the last year, because I would rather have a small studio apartment with cooking facilities than a hotel room. All good experiences. But I worry that the day will come when hosts and users are not a somewhat homogenous and self-selected group.

  3. I have used airBNB for international stays, and had really good luck with it.

  4. We used AirBnB last summer for our stay in Montreal. Our hostess was great, and our place was great - a 1BR apartment in the heart of MTL for like $80/night.

  5. I've used Airbnb quite a bit, both for business travel (less so) as well as vacations. Read the reviews!!! You'll find things omitted in the listing and good tips. Look for feedback that indicates good communication with the host. This is vital for check-in and out.

    That aside, it's a smorgasbord and it's sometimes difficult to decide amongst listings. You just have to pull the trigger on one and go for it!

    I've only had one mildly bad experience out of a dozen or so stays. If you have trouble be sure to contact Airbnb right away, especially if you cannot contact the host.