Friday, March 24, 2017

Great Moments in Bad Spam

Our actively developing company starts a  position of a letters reviewer for everybody who speaks English fluently to aid in dealing with our foreign employees. Your professional responsibilities will be reviewing our business text files and correcting spelling and grammar lapses that we could make. Your job responsibilities will include reviewing our business correspondence and fixing spelling and grammar  inexactness that we could make
The position consumes approximately 1-2 hours  per day. You may do it on your free time. Salary for the work done: Each 1 Kilobyte (1024 symbols) of text content is paid by $5
This message to you is ca. 1 Kb of size. In sum, it will  help you to make about $2500 per month
Country of residence: this position is only for US residents
If you are eager to become a part of our team,
please contact us via email: , add your Full name and location!
Count all the punctuation errors and wrong word choices.  Proof that the only people more stupid than those taken in are those trying to do the taking.  When I hunted heads, if a resume was profoundly broken English, I dismissed it, not for poor English literacy, but literacy so bad that they didn't think they needed someone literate to help them.


  1. Even if the English grammar, etc was correct who, but a fool, could believe such an impossible job offer....

  2. ... and that's the entire point. They're not out to deal with smart folks who know what's going on, they're out to get someone whom they can scam. If you're not smart enough to realize what the message is, or if you're so desperate that you're willing to take the chance, they have a chance at getting money from you.