Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Muscle ache, sinus congestion, awful coughing clearing the lungs, sore throat, mild fever.  Delsym for the cough; acetaminophen for the muscles; antihistamine for the sinuses.  I am beginning to think that having contact with people, except electronically is a mistake.


  1. And it is not getting better, it is getting worse.

    In my observations, personal hygiene has significantly declined in the U.S., (I think that it was at its zenith in the late 50's) and the continual refusal of people to remain out of circulation (Stay Home) while sick contributes to the problem.

    No, they won't stay home; they go to work, they go to church, they socialize, all while ill and actively spread their disease.

    And, as you age, your susceptibility becomes greater. Going to any social gathering can easily become a death sentence.

  2. My wife and I had the Adenovirus in December 2016 and it lasted into January. We were fortunate enough not to give it to our Children thank God. We basically sanitized the house a few times a day and quarantined our bedroom. Normally we should of gotten it though our children but somehow it started with my wife which she is still reeling from the effects due to our viral pink eye. Her's was so bad that it swelled up her eye ball. That was the worst part was the Viral Pink Eye that has to run it's course for a better part of 3 weeks. I would put this up in the top 3 worst sicknesses that I have had in my 40+ years of life. You basically go through different symptoms every few days. The sanitizing was the worst, because it would eat up your hands. Anyhow just thought I would comment. God Bless

  3. Be careful with it Clayton and be aware of worsening symptoms with respect to the phlegm and coughing fits.

    I caught the virus about 3 weeks ago and after 4 days of hacking repeatedly I laid down in bed at night to go to sleep and found that I couldn't stop coughing and that I had trouble breathing. Every gulp of air I breathed in was immediately expelled as part of a non-stop coughing fit. I was light-headed and dizzy with tunnel vision, stars in my eyes, beating heart, and a non-stop, phlegm filled cough.

    Needless to say I wound up in the Emergency Room where I was diagnosed with not only Bronchitis but also Acute Bronchospasm. I was immediately put on oxygen and, in short order, a breathing specialist appeared and administered Albuteral through a Nebulizer to relax the bronchi in the lungs. They had gone into spasm making it near impossible to breath - what little air I inhaled met with narrowed and clogged bronchi within the lungs. I was provided a script for Albuteral to administer at home with a Nebulizer - that helped a lot at getting the phlegm broken up and my lungs cleared out enough to permit fairly regular, uninterrupted breathing.

    I was also given a 6-pak of Azithromycin to break the infection and a steroid to reduce the inflammation in my lungs and permit me to breath easier.

    The illness was not one of my favorites to be sure but the potential for serious life altering ramifications truly surprised me.

    So, as I said, be aware of worsening symptoms and get professional help even on an emergent basis if needed.

    Good luck. Best wishes.


  4. I remember an SF story from the '40s where the human race was dying out- because everyone was raised by robots, and were raised alone. All their education, entertainment and exploration of the world around them was done by "telescreen" or some such, and all the manual labor was performed by robots.

    This story dealt with a young man who wanted to meet with a young lady, in person. He was the talk of the town (the telescreens were humming!) but was unsuccessful. It was considered too dangerous, as disease might be passed by personal contact. In the story everyone was worried about their own personal fate, but no one cared about the fate of humanity. Is this sounding familiar?

    Looks like the future has finally arrived! Clayton, fire up your telescreen!