Monday, March 20, 2017

Removing Microaggressive Gym Equipment

Instapundit linked to this tragic 3/17/17 Sydney Daily Telegraph news story of a Canadian university removing scales from the gym to avoid offending SJWs:
They’ve simply removed the offending item:
Carleton University officials have removed the scale inside its campus gym so students don’t stress about their weight.

The scale was reportedly removed about two weeks ago in an effort to mesh with current health trends that prioritize well being over a focus on weight.

1.  Don't get on the scale.

2. Numbers are an objective reality; they care nothing for your wounded sense of self-worth.

3. Weight is not the only measure of health, and not necessarily the best such measure.

4. Weight reduction is best accomplished by portion control (one slice of pizza; one bite of hot fudge sundae; one plate at Madhuban's lunch buffet) not exercise.  Finally hit 209.0 lbs. this morning.

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  1. Weight is actually a pretty bad measure overall as muscle is good and fat is bad, but muscle ways more per cubic inch.

    So if your exercise program involves moving *heavy* things around (and it should as that is VERY good for you) your waist will shrink but your muscles will get bigger.

    The different rate of those two could mean that you're gaining muscle at the same rate as you're losing fat (mostly if you're 18 and have lots of HGH and T in your blood)/.