Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Logical Parallel to "I'm Feeling Female Today, I Get to Use the Ladies' Loicker Room"

Rachel Dolezal — who convincingly passed as an African-American civil rights activist in Spokane, Washington, until her inarguably Caucasian parents outed her as white in 2015 — is now stepping back into the spotlight in all her bottle-bronzed, afro-hair-extensioned glory.
Dolezal has penned a memoir in which she compares her travails to slavery and describes her harrowing childhood as a pale, blond girl growing up poor on the side of a Montana mountain.
As she toiled in the garden for her strict, Evangelical parents, she’d dream of freeing her inner blackness, Dolezal writes in “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.”
There are pictures of her as a teenager.  She is closer to the Aryan ideal than any of my kids.  At least the opening of The Jerk was a joke.  Not sure which publisher is bringing out this transracial nonsense, but it says loads about progressive self-delusion.

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  1. Why not? Others besides Ms Dolezal have said that race is a social construct, more than maleness or femaleness. At least until now.