Sunday, March 12, 2017

Milling the Slots

I kept reusing the same 1/8" thick sheets until I could not tell which trial holes were modern and which were old, so I used some .050" sheet:

Yes, one slot isn't all the way through.  The sheet is flexible enough that it wouldn't stay flat on the table.  Actually even the 1/8" is too flexible once you are off the edge of the mill vise supported area, so in both cases I have a 1/2" thick support under the entire length.  I may use small C-clamps to lock the sheet to that 1/2" base next time.

Here's the slotted base that has to approximately match these slots:

As should be obvious, this is a new ScopeRoller product. 

Here's some video working on a badly reused plate.  Not beautiful video but it shows the slot being milled::

I also discovered part way through cutting the 1/8" thick sheet that it had vibrated the gib guide wire setscrew loose again.  I will now tighten that screw each time I cut; only slightly difficult to get to. Perhaps some Loctite next time.

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  1. I would advise 290 Loctite. Its a wicking loctite that will allow you to tighten the set screw and then apply the loctite. Make sure you put some primer in first of course: just coat the set screw with primer before install. Then install the set screw and then apply the loctite. 30 minutes later its cured and the set screw shouldn't come out until you actually need to unscrew it.