Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Oddities at the Gym

Why overhearing part of a conversation often makes no sense: "You need to adopt an anti-tech persona on Twitter."  Why?  To confuse the hell out of people?

One elderly gentleman was pulling with a chest harness a sledge-like object with an enormous weight on it.  Is he planning to run the Iditarod?


  1. Sled pushing and sled dragging are excellent exercises for cardiovascular conditioning and overall athleticism with a low risk of soreness or injury. Maybe he just wants to be able to push a broken down car out of traffic, or move his couch across the room.

  2. No, just preparing for when the greenies ban all tractors and then prohibit horses and oxen because they fart. Eventually we will be back to moving things like they did in ancient Rome, brut manpower on sleds.