Sunday, March 19, 2017

Not Everyone Has 100Mbps Internet Service

The loading of webpages on the laptop that controls the CNC mill is awful.  I have about 6 Mbps out here.  (You don't want to see the way I have cobbled this together.)  Many websites, such as PJMedia and many newspapers, have so much advertising and other stuff loading that the temptation to skip them is very strong.  One friend stopped visiting PJMedia because they were too slow to wait for.

My website is pretty quick because it is barebones HTML, for this very reason.  ScopeRoller has a bit of Javascript, but is still pretty quick.


  1. Try an ad blocker on your browser. I use uBlock

  2. Doesn't help much. It's not ads but 8 zillion little files that support, I have no idea.

  3. I run with an adblocker (uBlock orig) that is nice and light, and I also run with ScriptSafe on Chromium. Yes, a Javascript blocker takes some training to get right, but you'll be amazed at how much faster and cleaner the Web is without all the ads and cruft. I generally just allow the target site to run Javascript, but nobody else. For most sites that works, although for some I have enable scripts on their CDNs, too. Still, all in all, it's a better solution. The nice thing about ScriptSafe is that it stores the rules in your Google account so you don't need to update them on every individual machine.

  4. Try NoScript. Generally, the biggest problem I run into is getting videos to run. On some sites, there are an amazing number of scripts that need to be authorized to make them work.

  5. If you use Chrome or Chromium, maybe try Disconnect, it will keep pages free of social media junk from Facebook, Google and Twitter.

    If Firefox or one of its spinoffs like Palemoon, Noscript is worth checking out, gives you fine grained control over Javascript, although that can get quite obnoxious since too many sites require it to a greater or lessor degree.

    Or maybe just remember the days when 1200 baud modems were "fast" ^_^.