Thursday, November 19, 2015

Windows 7 Speech Recognition

There are times this works pretty well.  But right now it is possessed.  B the USB plug and play ut the problem seems to be too many possible microphone inputs.  When I bring up a list of all small recording devices I can see the law plug and play USB headphone mike, LifeCam VX-5000 microphone (disabled), Lenovo USB audio (disabled), Realtek would high definition audio (disabled).  I seem to be using the Plug and Play headphone mike according to the list of recording devices but experimentation shows the LifeCam microphone is the actual input.  It appears that only the LifeCam microphone works consistently.  The plug and play headphones would seem to be inconsistent. It seems to work with Word, but not Blogger in Firefox.  It does not seem to work with Internet Explorer either.  What a dreadful product.  Apparently a known problem that it only works with Microsoft apps.

At least part of the microphone issue is that the integrated camera in the Lenovo wasn't working.  You do not want the updated driver here.  It is the newest one, but as this explains, it does not work on some x140e notebooks.  What you need is here, a generic Microsoft USB camera driver.

The Realtek device is the integrated microphone.  The Lenovo USB Audio is nothing as near as I can tell.

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  1. You should try it when you stutter like me. Siri says, "sorry, I didn't get that". I'm not done talking!!!