Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Never Bring A Homemade Weapon to A Gunfight

From Nov. 12, 2015 channel 11:
Investigators determined that 24-year-old Fawbush and Richard Vawter followed Campbell to his home after the initial disagreement on Braselton Highway. The incident escalated in Campbell's driveway on Windsong Park Drive.

"The suspects approached him with a homemade weapon of some sort," said Cpl. Michele Pihera, a Gwinnett County Police spokeswoman.

That's when Campbell pulled out his gun and fired at least one shot," Pihera said.
"Based on what he said to our first-responders and investigators, he felt his life was in jeopardy and he had to use lethal force," said Pihera.

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