Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What Happens When I Get Bored

I have long wanted to have some identifying mark on ScopeRoller products, but paper labels don't last, and using marking letters has always been a lot of work for disapointing results.  What about this?
This is the result of experiments with scaling, and the second line should say scoperoller.com, but I need a thinner end mill.  This is the result of using this text engraving program.


  1. I suggest just ordering a few hundred or a thousand [because bulk means cheap] plastic/vinyl labels.

    I mean, machining in the labeling is a fun timekiller, but for production work I can't imagine it's a wise use of time.

    A quick search reveals a thousand screen-printed outdoor/UV-resistant stickers for $139 at e.g. http://stickerobot.com/products/square-stickers.

    $.14 a label is probably less than the wear and tear on the equipment, let alone your time...

    (No affiliation, just the first search result.)