Friday, November 27, 2015

Not Everyone in Los Angeles Is A Fool

From AmmoLand:
Ft Collins, CO –-( City of Los Angeles Council Members recently passed an ordinance banning magazines that hold more than ten rounds.
Of course, that number will soon be reduced to six!
City residents were granted a “grace period” of sixty days within which to “turn them in,” or otherwise get rid of them. That period just expired.

During the sixty-day period, not a single one has been turned in!

How stupid does the os Angeles City Council think its people are?  Criminals aren't going to turn them in because felons are prohibited from possessing ammo, and a magazine without ammo is useless.  No one else is stupid enough to believe that this is motivated by public safety.

So glad I don't live in that idiotic state anymore.


  1. The other side of that is that there are laws on the books in CA that prohibit cities from enacting gun laws more strict than the state.

    San Francisco had a law banning handguns that got overturned on that point.

    But yeah, glad I don't live there anymore either.

  2. Yes, but, it seems that the courts are not defending the California pre-emption law. If it is not defended, then it is no longer in effect.