Thursday, November 19, 2015

More Strange dreams

I guess I must be sleeping better, because I'm having very odd dreams.  Those of you who regularly read this already know that I have pretty odd dreams.  This dream involved my mother and I returning from the Moon on an Apollo mission.  As we approached Earth, we were outside the command module in space suits, and the ascent stage of the LEM was, instead of attached to the command module, flopping around on a tether.  As we reached Earth, the LEM started flailing about.  In retrospect, this was because the command module was firing its reaction thrusters to position it for re-entry.  We start looking for her house on the Oregon coast, but cloud cover makes it invisible.  And then while we are still outside, the command module begins re-entry.  We grab the top of the command module, while the flames from the heat shield start flying up.  Then I wake up.


1 comment:

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