Monday, November 16, 2015

Health Insurance

One of the nice aspects of having worked for the state government  is that along with my Social Security Disability check, I also receive payment from the Long-Term Disability progra, which is one of those insurance programs that I signed up for when I started employment.  (A very good choice considering what it cost me in deductions.)  It gives me a check for a couple of years as long as I remain unable to return to my state job, and while the amount is not huge, it covers the Jaguar payment and car insurance.  More importantly, I get to stay on the state's health insurance plan as long as Long-Term Disability pays me.  That's a huge win: $157/month for Blue Cross of Idaho for my wife and me.
The LTD company now wants me back into my neurologist for an evaluation.  Probably to see if I am still unable to return to my job.  I certainly don't have the intellectual sharpness I had before the stroke and if you saw me fighting with gdb debugging some of these programs I have been writing for CNC milling, you would understand.  But in the event they pull the plug, I need to find health insurance (and probably pay off the Jag loan).  A while back, I mentioned a couple of Christian health sharing ministries that are alternatives to conventional health insurance and exempt you from Obamacare: Samaritan Ministries and Christian Healthcare Ministries.  I received positive feedback from readers for them, and there is a third one as well: Christian Care Ministry.

Alas Christian Care Ministry has nothing in the way of Medicare Supplemental Coverage until you are 65 or older.

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