Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Very UnPC Film

"The Day of the Siege: September Eleven 1683 (2014)  

In case you didn't know: what do croissants, Polish cavalry , and 9-11 have at the nexus?  Why is there a blog titled Gates of Vienna?  Because the 9-11 of the 17th century was the 300,000 Turks attempting to take Vienna as the first step towards making Europe Muslim.  

 There is a widely held belief that croissants were first baked as celebration of defeating trhe Muslims at the gates of Vienna.  (Crescent being a symbol of Islam and their Moon God.)  The first written evidence for this claim appears mpore than a century later, so it might be true, who knows?  Feel free to go eat a croissant as a symbolic rejection of Islam.

 Of course, 9-11 as the date of the WTC attacks was no coincidence, because that was a date of Muslim failure.   

You may be aware that at the start of World War II, it is claimed that Polish cavalry made an attack on the German tanks.  This is apparently not true.  Still, King Sobieski's heroic cavalry attack on the Turks--the largest such charge in history--is one of moments of which the Poles and all of Western Civilization can be proud.




  1. I was aware of the story of the croissant, but I have always wondered about the significance of the 9/11 date. Thank you for answering a long-outstanding question.

  2. The king's name was Jan (John) Sobieski. To refer to him as King Sobieski is like referring to the present sovereign of Great Britain as Queen Windsor, or her great-grandfather as King Saxe-Coburg.

    BTW, if you've read The Lord of The Rings, you may guess that a major event in the story ("The Ride of the Rohirrim") may have been partly inspired by the Poles at Vienna.