Saturday, November 28, 2015

Of Course Obama Is Going After Guns

Guns are the problem, Obama says.  But news accounts suggest another issue in play.

Robert Lewis Dear, 57, is suspected of killing a police officer and two civilians when he arrived at the clinic on Friday wearing a trench coat and opened fire with an assault-style rifle.
Police said that he was from North Carolina, and were looking for clues as to what exactly motivated the attack.
Neighbors of Dear from his time in rural Black Mountain said that he would often keep to himself and had a rambling manner when he talked, but that he did not openly discuss religion or abortion....

Black Mountain resident James Russell said, '"If you talked to him, nothing with him was very cognitive — topics all over place'.
'You can tell his personality is just off. The way he looked at you, the way he talked, he just seemed off,' he said.

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  1. Of course Obama and all the other gun grabbers don't care about mental illness. They just want to exploit it for the purpose of banning and confiscating guns. No surprises at all.... Unfortunately the constant throwing out the mantra "sensible gun laws and making it harder to get guns" could eventually stick to the wall they are throwing it at. Especially mass murders of children. This is of course what O and the rest are hoping and waiting for!