Saturday, November 28, 2015

New Design Work

For some time, I've been considering how to expand ScopeRoller's telescope mobility solutions to Dobsonian mounts.  If you aren't familar with them, here's an example:

These lack the ability to track objects across the sky (unless you put an equatorial platform under it like this:

which means you still need casters under the ground board of the platform), so they aren't very useful for astrophotography, but they are a cheap way to get a large reflector built, so they are popular.  And these are often very heavy telescopes, especially when you get to the aptly named Obssession 36":

The problem is that while it is pretty obvious how to put wheels under a conventional tripod, attaching to the ground board of a Dobsonian is a bit more complex.  My competitors build cart like things to put the ground board on.  Heavy to ship and expensive to make without welding.  Anyway, I think I have a solution that has a similar form factor to what I sell now, and is rugged and durable.

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