Monday, June 16, 2014

Totalitarian Governments & Guns

It is an article of faith in some circles that totalitarian governments have nothing to fear from privately owned guns.  This June 12, 2014 Telegraph article lists some of the new rules that the ISIS government has announced:
No drugs, no alcohol and no cigarettes allowed," it added.
No public gathering other than those organised by ISIS will be allowed at any stage. No guns will be allowed outside of its ranks.
All tribal leaders and sheikhs in the area have been warned not to co-operate with the state.
In a warning to the police, soldiers and other "kaffr" bodies the choice is to repent or face the ultimate punishment. The group said it will open "special places" for repentance.
Outlining its sectarian bias it declared all shrines, graveyards and monuments will be destroyed.
Finally all women must dress in concealing clothing that preserve decency. Females should only go outside "if necessary". [emphasis added]

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  1. If they're afraid of privately-owned weapons, we don't have to keep them out; they'll be unwilling to come over here.