Friday, June 20, 2014

Colorado's Idiot Governor

The June 20, 2014 Denver Post is reporting Governor Hickenlooper's contradictory, confusing, and now non-statements about the 15 round magazine limit bill he signed last year:
After several days of fallout over his comments on gun control laws to a recent gathering of county sheriffs, Gov. John Hickenlooper has managed to baffle both victims-rights advocates and Second Amendment supporters.
The governor's conflicting comments on his support for a controversial 2013 law limiting ammunition magazines has added traction to the argument from critics that he's unwilling to take definitive stances in his role as leader of the state.
It appears that Hickenlooper is telling lie after lie to not be held responsible for signing a bill that was strictly symbolic and served no actual value in improving public safety -- and which has most of the state's sheriffs suing to have it overturned.  Yet, this last session, the Colorado legislature considered (and failed to pass) a bill that would likely have prevented the Aurora tragedy: removing the requirement for imminent danger for an emergency mental health lockup.  James Holmes' psychiatrist had contacted police about Holmes. This breaking of doctor/patient confidentiality indicates that she believed that she was subject to Tarasoff warning requirements, and thus she believed Holmes was dangerous to others. Yet because of the requirement for imminent danger (for those not previously hospitalized), nothing happened until it was way too late.

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  1. That he is.

    His latest goof was a semi-apology to the Colorado Sheriff's association where he blamed his staff for the bill.