Thursday, June 26, 2014

Some Things Were Not Meant To Be Mailed

The June 26, 2014 Idaho Statesman has an article about the job of the postal inspectors dealing with various unlawful items shipped through the mail.  I noticed this sign that might be interpreted as "drugs are bad for you":
Solmon said he's noticed an increase in drug mailings over the past year, particularly of marijuana. The legalization of recreational pot in Washington and Colorado isn't helping.
"Everybody thinks it's OK to send a pound (of pot) to Uncle Bob in the mail," Solmon said. "We're getting swamped."
I have to ask myself: "Do the people in Colorado and Washington not realize that in most other states, marijuana is not lawful?"  Perhaps too many days with bloodshot eyes and Twinkies for breakfast are interfering with normal intellectual processes.

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