Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Must Be Becoming A Fuddy-Duddy

This account from June 3, 2014 KOMO-TV of a high school awards ceremony is so vulgar that I will not quote it.  The best that I can do is describe it as using the seven words you can't say on radio and TV, involves a priest, children, and then the awards ceremony with an "adult novelty item."

Are we degenerating this quickly as a society that a teacher thought this was appropriate?

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  1. Crazy. Since this behavior would get one busted for sexual harassment in most workplaces amazing they would be that stupid.

    I have to wonder how inappropriate this teacher's behavior is with their students in the classroom and where ever else they have contact without parents around. Since most students would probably find a teacher that talks explicitly about sex and uses profanity to be cool there might be no student that would complain.

    Then there is the worry they might be doing even more with students. A teacher that stupid just might do that.

    It would be interested to know the age of the teacher. Of course the teacher could be old or young, but I always think there is a higher danger when the teacher's age is younger than the age of the students parent's and that schools need to be especially careful about that. They just might be a kid supervising kids!