Sunday, June 8, 2014

Snow, Ice, The Arctic Wilderness

Yellowstone in late May is still incredibly snow-covered.  Entering the east entrance you will pass signs warning of avalanche danger, do not stop next two miles, keep one hundred yards between cars.  (You mean it might be dangerous?)   But you get waterfalls like this:

And boulders sliding down the snow-covered slopes, just to remind you -- do not stop:

And views like this across Yellowstone Lake to the south:


  1. The pictures are beautiful. And the reminders of rock-slide and avalanche trouble are useful.

    Near me, I saw a news story about some ice still visible in the Northern Great Lakes (as of the first of June). Which was a sign that the winter was unusually long and cold.

    Do you know if you saw typical levels of snow for the time of year you visited Yellowstone?

  2. I have only been to Yellowstone once before, in June about twenty years ago. This seemed a lot colder than I remember it, but a lot can change in three or four weeks at these high altitudes.